Prostate Massage: What is it, Benefits, How To Guide

Prostate Massage: What is it, Benefits, How To Guide

The prostate gland is found in a man’s body, and its main function is to produce fluid expelled as part of semen during ejaculation. However, the prostate gland is also the source of prostate cancer, the most common type of cancer in men. Therefore, the male g-spot is increasingly becoming the subject of conversation. Straight men have also started to embrace the health benefits of the massage and how pleasurable it feels. 

Are you curious about how to give your man an exquisite prostate massage? Or are you a man who wants to know more about the pleasurable stimulation of the anus, both internally and externally? Keep on reading to learn more about prostate massage. 

What Is Prostate Massage?

anal massage
Prostate massaging position

Prostate massage is a procedure where the finger is inserted into the prostate gland through the rectum to stimulate the fibromuscular and glandular organ that produces seminal fluid. The prostate massage aims to release excess seminal fluid from the gland. Massaging the prostate helps improve information and relieve pressure on the urinary tract. Prostate massage is also used to treat the following disorders. 

  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
  • Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis
  • Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome
  • Urinary Retention
  • Erectile Dysfunction

The massage is also used for sexual stimulation and helps to achieve arousal. This may sound bizarre for the first time because most men don’t like it when their buttocks are touched, let alone inserting fingers into their anus.

But conducting this massage during sexual intercourse improves erection and relaxes the rectum. When conducting the massage, the penis is also stimulated to enhance pleasure. The massage is conducted in the hospital. If you are experiencing a medical issue for fun, you are most likely to find the prostate massage at spas that offer a tantric and happy ending. 

What Is the Organ Involved in Prostate Massage?

The prostrate massages a male sexual organ in the pelvis, behind the pubis, in front of the rectum, and below the bladder. The prostate surrounds the urethra just by its outlet below the neck of the bladder. When the prostate grows in size, it generates the obstruction of the urinary tract and causes consequent urinary symptoms. 

The prostate is part of the urinary and reproductive systems. It participates in the production of seminal fluid, which is part of the semen and provides the environment and nutrients for the survival of sperms. 

Prostate massage can be performed to ease the swelling of the gland. 

How To Massage the Prostate?

How To Massage the Prostate

Keep Your Nails Short

When performing the prostate massage, make sure your nails are short. This is important because the lining of the anus is both sensitive internally and externally. Therefore, a little scratch can be very unpleasant. You should use nitrile gloves for extra protection if your fingers are rough and long. Also, make sure that your fingers are clean to prevent the transfer of bacteria to your body. 

Have an Enema

The purpose of the enema or douche is to rinse the inside of the anal canal. It’s not a must you conduct this step, but it will help you feel more comfortable f you are worried about bumping into traces of feces. 

Make Your Partner Relax

One common mistake people make when conducting erotic massage is simply conducting the massages in a hurry. Take your time, and make sure that your partner is well relaxed. Doing this will ensure that the whole experience is more pleasurable and comfortable. Tell him to lay comfortably on his back; start by massaging his entire body gently and lovingly.

Relax The Anus

There is an anal sphincter at the canal entrance, and the purpose of this sphincter is to keep everything moving out. Therefore, when you try to insert anything into the anus, it will tense up to stop the intrusion, making the anal touch painful or uncomfortable.

 One of the ways you can release tension from the sphincters is by massaging, stroking, and caressing the anus externally. At this point, having a lubricant at hand is essential to avoid abrasions on his anus. 

Appy water-based lube or silicone to have greater sexual arousal and enhance orgasm. Also, note that when buying the lube, buy one used for the anus specifically because the pH of the anus is different from the Vagina. 

Tips On How to Massage the Anus Externally

Use the edge of your hand– Move the edge of your hand up and down the anus; this will stimulate the anus.

Blow on it– Spread the anus using your fingers and blow on it to also release the tension of the anal sphincter. 

Tapping-Use one finger and tap the anal opening lightly.

Massaging in circles-Using one or two fingers, make small circles on the anal opening.

Vibrating-You will need to have an anal sex toy for you to vibrate the anal opening.

Internal Massage

After the anus is fully relaxed, you can begin the internal massage. Start by putting just the tip of the finger inside the anus and holding it there. Ask your partner to relax if you still feel that the sphincter muscles are tensed. 

Start applying gentle pressure on the sphincters in four directions. Start by going down, then to the sides, then up, then down, then to the other sides. You should spend at least one minute in each direction. 

Go Deeper

After you feel that your partner is ready for more, allow your finger to slide deeper. You can move your finger to the first knuckle and second knuckle, and each time you move to a different knuckle, ensure you massage the place in four different directions. After the second knuckle, you can now massage the prostate. 

You can feel the prostate of your partner if you are pushing your fingers to the front wall of the rectum, towards your partner’s belly. Take your time exploring this area; massage it in different ways until you locate it. Once you locate the prostate, start by rubbing it in circles; also, press it lightly to relieve the fluid inside the gland. At this point, your partner will experience a lot of pleasure. 

Keep experimenting with different speeds, pressures, and depths of your touch. 

Add Penis Massage

Adding stimulation to the penis while conducting the prostate massage can be very pleasurable. Don’t stroke the penis hard and fast because it will lead to ejaculation. In this case, the purpose of massaging or stroking the penis in this case is to enhance the prostate massage experience. 


People are different and respond to touch differently; therefore, you should ask your partner how they feel and if they need something extra to be done.

Use Toy

prostate massage toy

The prostate massage can be more pleasurable if you can include sex toys. The market has a wide variety of anal toys; explore and purchase the one that picks your interest. Vibrating toys, for instance, can induce strong pleasurable sensations. Some of the prostate massager recommendations include:

Vector- this sex toy is C-shaped; it massages the prostate, perineum, and scrotum. The perineum is a highly erogenous zone normally forgotten during oral or anal sex. 

Vice 2-Its is also a great sex toy for anal and prostate play.

Enby– this is a non-binary sex toy suitable for everyone regardless of body parts. It is an ideal sex toy for men interested in prostate play for the first time.

I-prostate Massager- is an electronic massage tool made of medical-grade silicone and safe to use. It also has ten unique vibrating modes and helps ease the prostate gland’s pain, pressure, and swelling. 


When you are finished with the massage, cover your partner with a sheet and stay next to him. Give them the time to stay in this blissful state and integrate the experience. 

Prostate massage Explanation Video

Here is a video shared by the renowned sex and relationship coach Caitlin V on how to perform the best prostate massage.

Ultimate Guide to Prostate Massage

Benefits Of the Prostate Massage

Here are the benefits of the prostate massage and why you should consider getting one.

  • Helps In the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Although there is not enough evidence to prove that prostate massage treats erectile dysfunction, some medics say it can help. This is because, during the prostate massage, there is an improvement in blood flow in the body, increasing the chances of an erection. 

  • It Improves Urine Flow

Typically, urine should come out in a steady stream, but in the case of a swollen prostate or inflammation, the urine flow to the urethra can be slow or cut off completely. 

After the prostate massage, the urine flow improves due to the reduction of inflammation in the gland. 

  • Alleviates Painful Ejaculation

Although the causes of painful ejaculation are rare, it is worth noting that prostate massage can help reduce this kind of pain. The pain is typically caused by an infection or inflammation of the epididymis. The pain can be a result of a blockage in the ejaculatory tract. The prostate massage can reduce inflammation and make ejaculation less painful. 

  • Treats Prostatitis

Prostatitis is caused by a bacterial infection that leads to inflammation. The common symptoms of inflammation include:

  • Burning from urination
  • Experiencing pain during ejaculation
  • Lousy urine stream
  • Discomfort in the perineum

Prostate massage is one of the ways of treating prostatitis.

  • It Reduces the Symptoms Of an Enlarged Prostate

One of the prostate gland defects is an enlarged prostate; this is more common in men who are over 50 years old. The typical treatment of an enlarged prostate is the administration of alpha-blockers which reduce the size of the prostate gland. 

Combining the prostate massage with the medication reduces the size of the prostate gland faster. 

  • It’s pleasurable

Did you know that the male g-spot is packed with thousands of nerve endings? Each time you stimulate this area, it feels very good and increases the chances of experiencing an orgasm. The increase in the number of orgasms reduces the chances of prostate cancer. 

What Is Prostate Milking?

Prostate milking

Prostate milking is a procedure done to clean the prostate of semen left in the prostate due to reduced sexual interaction or celibacy. You can do prostate milking, but it would feel better if your partner did it for you. Prostate milking can also be done in a medical facility by a doctor. 

During milking, fingers are commonly used, but other tools can also be used, for example, a vibrator or a drumstick. 

Why Is Prostate Milking Important?

The following are reasons why the prostate milking procedure is important.

  • Cleansing

During ejaculation, sperms come out of the man’s body through the penis, and semen is also released. If you lose your sex life or you are in celibacy, then the problem of having an unclean prostate can occur. 

The semen produced in the gland can cause pain in the prostate, especially if you are sexually inactive. That’s why it’s advisable to protect this area from bacteria causing the infection through milking. 

  • It Improves the Blood Circulation

When conducting prostate milking, your body will relax and relieve the body of stress. Due to the increase in blood circulation, the enlarged prostate gland will soften and heal itself. 

  • Orgasm

The prostate also referred to as the male g-spot can trigger different sensations. During milking, the prostate can release the prostate in a slow, effective, and explosive manner of orgasm. This kind of orgasm is better than the typical orgasm because it lasts longer. 

  • Prevents Prostate Cancer

Although scientists have not proved this theory yet, it is practical to say that prostate cancer can be avoided through prostate milking; during prostate milking, the prostate gland is cleansed, which helps prevent any kind of bacteria from staying in the prostate. Doing so alleviates problems such as prostatitis, BPH, and even food poisoning can easily be avoided. A healthy prostate is less prone to having prostate cancer. 

Now that you have the benefits of both prostate massage and prostate milking, it’s high time you incorporate them into your life. However, if you feel pain in the prostate glands, seek medical attention first, then proceed to the massage. You may also try out other massages like Nuru and tantric massage.