What Is a Tantric Massage? Step By Step Guide For Men and Women

A tantra massage session
A tantra massage session

Tantra is the thing to try out if you have a mediocre sex life, struggling to get aroused or orgasm. Also, if you feel disconnected from your lover and sex is uncomfortable or painful to you, it’s high time you incorporate a tantric massage session before having sex.

Performing a tantric massage on your partner will lead to hot sex and a deep intimate connection with them. The science of tantric massage will also help you create a delicious desire and deep passion in the bedroom. You will also feel excellent, experience blissful pleasure in your body, and reach high states of arousal.

You will get dripping wet for ladies, and for men, you will rock hard after the tantric massage session. If you are curious about tantric massages and would like to learn how to perform a tantric massage. Here is all you need to know about the tantric massage. 

What Is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient philosophy from India and associates itself with sex. Tantra embraces every aspect of life and teaches us the values of mindfulness, sacredness, and specialness. 

When you do things using Tantra, we bring our entire presence and awareness. You are not distracted, absent-minded, or trying to multitask but fully enjoying the moment. This applies to whether you are eating, working, having a conversation, or having sex. 

When you bring such an intense presence to any activity, it allows you to enjoy everything as much more special and meaningful. There is also a deep emphasis on sacredness in tantric; lovers worship, revere, and honor each other. They see each other as divine and each other’s body as a temple for pleasure and delight. 

What Is a Tantric Massage

A tantric massage is a sensual bodywork that combines acupressure, yoga, and shiatsu techniques It helps the mind relax and deepen into pleasure from simple physical stimulation.

Sometimes the tantric massage session is purely for pleasure and relaxation purposes; these are referred to as erotic or sensual massages. The focus for an erotic tantric massage is mainly on the erogenous zones of the body, including the mouth, breast, nipples, anus, lingam, and yoni.

Other times, the massage session may be strictly a therapy session where the masseuse assists their clients in overcoming sexual dysfunction issues. For example, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, inhibited ejaculation in males while for females, the therapist deals with issues like experiencing pain during sex and the inability to get aroused or reach an orgasm. 

Although the masseuse works with pleasure and erotic touch, a tantric massage session aims not to reach an orgasm. Instead, the massage therapist aims to remove any physical, emotional, and energetic blocks that may be present. 

Before booking a tantric massage session, you should know what you genuinely want if you wish to experience pleasure or a therapy-centered session. It would be best if you also were careful when selecting a masseuse; some of the factors to consider when choosing a masseuse include:

  1. level of training and other qualifications they hold
  2. level of experience
  3. Reviews from other clients

Now that you know what a tantric massage means, is it good for you? Here are some benefits of tantric massage.

1. Boosts Your Mental Health

Tantric massages enhance your mental health by helping you reduce stress and anxiety. During the massage, you focus on relaxing your body and mind. The movements used during this massage are gentle and designed to help ease stress and restore your mind’s equilibrium. 

The Tantric massage is performed in a state of deep meditation, which helps ensure that you focus on the task at hand. This can help you unwind, relax, and relieve your stress, making it easier to fall asleep. Tantric massages also help your body release the hormones like dopamine and oxytocin, which help you relax.

2. Improves Your Sex Life

Tantric Massage can help enhance your sex life by helping you release tension from your muscles and surrounding tissues. This relief from muscle tension opens up your pelvis and helps promote good blood flow throughout your body. As a result, you can experience a more pleasurable sexual experience.

3. Improves Your Confidence

People who have difficulties in touch and sexual expression may find tantric massages helpful. Tantric massages can help ease tension, directly affecting a person’s self-esteem. For example, if you lose confidence in the bedroom because of your premature ejaculation, you can regain confidence because the tantric masseuse helps alleviate this problem.

4. It’s Fun

A tantric massage session will boost your mood and make you feel recharged and happy. Looking for a tantric massage session is the best escape plan after a long and tedious day because the masseuse will know how to give you pleasure. 

5. Boosts Your Physical Health

A tantric massage will improve your overall physical health. The massage brings about the stimulation of lymphatic systems to drain away toxins. Also, tantric massage helps you ease muscle pains and leads to the relaxation of a tensed body. 

A Step by Step Video of a Tantric Massage

Video: Learn how to give a sensual massage

How to Give a Man a Tantric Massage

If you want to give your man a massage, you should consider going for a tantric lingam massage. Lingam is a Sanskrit word that implies the penis is sacred, so in a lingam massage, you honor the man. The lingam massage helps women with male partners master their men’s sexuality and experience full-body orgasms. This juicy practice is a way to reconnect with your partner, enhance your sexual power, and support a man to feel pleasure on a whole new level. The following are steps to give a lingam massage.

7 Steps to Give a Tantric Lingam Massage

Preparation for Lingam Massage
Preparation for Lingam Massage
  1. Preparation

Before conducting the lingam massage, you should communicate your intentions to your partner. Create a beautiful and cozy space for the tantric massage setting; the scene should be delicious and appealing to the eyes. Also, you should prepare some warm coconut oil or massage oil to lubricate his body during the massage session. It would also be best if you had some towels in hand.

  1. Connect With Your Lover

Connect to your partner by breathing together, take a moment to gaze lovingly into the eyes of each other. It may be scary if you are not used to it, but try to take the experience to a whole new level. Don’t be under pressure to perform well in bed because this will reduce your concentration; instead, allow your partner to relax without expectation. 

  1. Conduct a Full-body Massage

To awaken your lover’s feelings, give them a full body massage. The full body massage will present their body to the current situation and prepare them for what awaits next. Slowly apply oil on his body, and allow your hands and body to explore his body. You may incorporate some Nuru massage tricks while doing the massage.

  1. Take a  Loving Moment

It is important for you to take a loving moment before transitioning to a lingam massage. You can help your partner connect their sexuality to their heart during the caring moment. Gently place your left hand on your lover’s heart and your right hand on his lingam. You can slowly massage his lingam at this moment and set an intention to honor and adore your lover. 

  1. Stroke His Lingam

There are three kinds of strokes you can perform on his lingam. They include: 

  • Lingam shiatsu-For the lingam shiatsu, press and release the lingam with your thumbs and index finger. At the same time, move your thumbs and index finger from the root to the shaft of the lingam. 
  • Skiing: hold the lingam with both hands on either side while alternating your hands up and down in a skiing motion from the base of the penis to the tip.
  •  Screwdriver: place both hands around the lingam and move it in opposite directions. 
  1. Edging and Riding Wave

Drive him wild by increasing and decreasing his pleasure like riding a wave but don’t let him ejaculate immediately. When you notice that your man is getting close to an orgasm, pull back a little and reduce the speed and pressure. After he comes down, build his pressure back up. When he ejaculates after riding these waves, it will blow his mind. 

  1. Find Stillness

Find a moment of completion, be still, and pause. Let your partner rest as well. By doing so, you will give them time to integrate the experience. 

How To Give a Woman a Tantric Massage

Preparation for a Tantric Yoni Session
Preparation for a Tantric Yoni Session

A tantric massage is a beautiful experience for a woman to expand and feel her sexual essential sacred creative energy. The following are steps to follow if you want to give a tantric massage to a lady.

  1. Preparation

For women, the tantric massage mainly focuses on the yoni. So when preparing for the massage, you should look for massaging oil that is delicate for her genitals, for example, coconut and jojoba. Also, prepare the massaging room; it should be attractive to the eyes. A warm and cozy room will set her up in the mood for an erotic massage session. It would help include a pillow in the massage room to elevate her hips or pop up under her knees.

  1. Massage Her Erogenous Zones

 You should start by massaging her erogenous areas, including her breasts, back, legs, hands, and other parts of her body. Guide her to breathe slowly as you conduct the massage; this will help relieve any stress and anxiety. By encouraging her to continue breathing, she will fully concentrate on the pleasure you are providing. 

  1. Stroke Her Yoni

Using your fingers, start massaging her vulva, use the fingers to stimulate the clitoris and other areas around the clitoris. Ensure you use the massaging oil to offer enough lubrication and prevent her from feeling any pain. Alternate your efforts as you finger her; use different techniques, speed, and pressure for contrast. For example, you can circle your finger on her clitoris or tap her vulva lightly using your closed hand.

  1. Time to Slide In

After she is ready, you can slide one finger and stimulate her G-spot. Allow your fingers to glide inside her vagina while encouraging her to continue breathing. Allow her to become incredibly aroused—even to the point of orgasm and start to reduce your effort. Your female massage recipient can practice edging just like guys. If she appears ready, urge her to succumb to a full climax after slowly bringing her to the edge of orgasm numerous times.

She doesn’t have to climax, and even if she does, the massage doesn’t have to end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tantric Massage Services Illegal?

Whether a tantric massage is illegal or not should be answered in terms of the laws governing such services. There are no such laws, but it is against the rules of all professional bodies to carry out any bodywork that falls short of complying with the standards laid down by their association. This means that any tantric massage not part of qualified health care is illegal. But offering tantric massage to your partner is very legal and actually a good idea.

Do You Have To Be Naked For The Tantric Massage?

Yes, before the massage, the masseuse will provide a towel to cover yourself. After the therapist is done with the full body massage, she may lift the towel to concentrate on your genitals.

Does a Tantric Massage End With a Happy Ending?

You cannot be sure whether the tantric massage session will end with a happy ending. This is because different massage parlors have different rules; however, there is a 70% possibility that you will get a happy ending from a tantric massage.

How Long Does a Tantric Massage Take?

Typically, a tantric massage should take one hour; however, the massage can go up to two hours. The length of a tantric massage session may also vary from the amount of money you are willing to pay. The more money you pay for a session, the more there is a likelihood that the massage will last longer.

Now that you know all about tantric massages, just take a step and try it out. Also checkout on Nuru, yoni, and lingam massages.