All You Need To Know About Nuru Massages

All You Need To Know About Nuru Massages

Did you know that sex is not the only way to enjoy physical intimacy with your mate? There are a variety of options that you can try out; they include:

  • Cuddling
  • Sensual touch
  • Massage 
  • Other forms of sensual touch

If you are searching for an erotic type of massage, you and your partner should explore Nuru massages. What is a Nuru massage? Read more to learn why most people are flocking online to search for this massage.

What Is a Nuru Massage?

The word Nuru originates from Japan, and it means slippery. Therefore Nuru massage is an erotic kind of massage where the masseuse uses their body to massage their spouse or client. The masseuse and the client get covered with the Nuru massage gel, which provides more bodily contact for both parties. The Nuru massage gel is a unique, colorless, odorless gel made from the Natural Nori Seaweed. 

The Nuru massage gel allows easy movement during the body to body contact. The gel creates more sensual pressure and ultimate relaxation for both parties. Before starting the massage, the masseuse applies generous amounts of the Nuru massage gel on the partner’s body and then to themselves.

Afterward, they glide their hands along their partner’s body, soothing all the aches and pain on their deep muscle tissues. The process is repeated over the partner’s body until all their muscles become smooth, free from any stress, and more aroused.

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How to Perform a Nuru Massage

A video by Wet Nuru showing you how to give a nuru massage

You should follow the following seven steps if you want to have an explicit Nuru massage session with your spouse.

1. Prepare The Nuru Massage Setting

You can do an erotic massage on a massage table, a bed, or an air mattress to ensure you are comfortable during the sensual massage. However, many couples like using the Nuru mattress because it’s comfortable and allows their bodies to slide over each other easily and enhance their sexuality.

 The mattress should be made from vinyl because it is resistant to stains and does not absorb the Nuru massage gel.

2. Prepare The Nuru Massage Gel

When preparing the Nuru massage gel, you should have a bowl of warm water near the massaging mattress. Then mix the Nuru massage gel with the warm solution until you get the right consistency. 

You can add candles and incense to spice up your erotic massage session. Since the massage is a slip and slide experience, you should consider taking a bath in a tab or using the shower. The wetter you both are, the better the experience.

Remember that communication is essential when it comes to intimacy; talk to your partner for you to know the right places to explore and what pleases them. You should also maintain eye contact with your partner because the more you look at each other, the more you will fulfill each other’s desires. 

Back massage
Person performing a back massage

3. Position Yourself On Your Partners Back

The person receiving the massage should spread themselves on the Nuru massage mattress. The masseuse should place themselves on the back of the partner, but they should be careful not to put all their weight on their partner’s body. 

After setting yourself in the correct position, start applying the Nuru massage gel on your partner’s back and thighs. It would assist if you did this while applying slight pressure on their body to provide extreme relaxation. 

4.Run Your Body Up and Down Your Partner’s Body

The second technique involves running your body up and down your partner, placing more significant pressure in some locations than others. Always concentrate on the areas that appear to be the most sensitive. 

You may effortlessly slide down your partner’s buttocks while massaging her lower back with your hands at the same time. Use as much time as you to enjoy each other because this is all about sensuality.

5.Apply Pressure at The Right Places

This is one of the most imaginative jobs, while the others are intriguing. If she is the one on top now, the partner giving the massage grips the sides of both of her partner’s thighs in this position. This is also true in reverse.

 She applies pressure to his behind with her derriere while allowing her entire body to slide up and down on his backside. She can reach up to the middle of his back and exert more pressure there than anyplace else on his body. 

Another technique you might consider using is where the masseuse holds their hands around the ankles and then moves their body up and down their partner’s body. Please note that no hands get involved in this technique because that’s where the pleasure lies.

A woman getting a back massage
A woman getting a back massage

6.Changing Positions

To fully enjoy erotic massages, you must be creative enough to develop new positions to make the session more romantic. One style you ought to try is where the person giving the massage holds the ankle of their partner while the recipient maintains the face-down position.

 While at this position, the masseuse should move up and down their partner’s thighs. If the woman is on top, she can allow her breasts to move over her partner’s buttocks and within the bend of the knees, as these are the most erogenous zones that will arouse your partner fully. 

For the woman, moving her breasts on her partner’s body sends impulses to the brain that trigger sexual arousal, which creates intense pleasure during the session. 

Another position you can try out is where the masseuse places one of their partner’s legs in between theirs, creating a scissor-like position. While at this position, you can enjoy the excitement of the massage as your bodies glide over each other. 

Also, in this position, you can massage your partner’s feet to spice up the moment. The masseuse can also decide to lay down on one side; the scissor shape position should be maintained. In this position, you can use both presses against the genitalia; the rubbing of the private parts creates a perfect, erotic unison. 

7. Final Position

For the final position, the masseuse places themselves in a way that they can lie directly on their partner’s back. The perfect position is between your partner’s waist and buttocks; use your hands to massage your partner’s waist, creating intense pleasure for your partner.

The waist massage creates a tingling sensation, so don’t be surprised if the person receiving the massage ends up in laughter. At the end of a Nuru massage session, you should feel wholly aroused and relaxed.

The massage proves to be excellent in promoting sexual intimacy and stress relief. You should know that there is no specific way of conducting the erotic massage; you and your partner can get creative about the setting and positions. 

Difference Between Japanese Soapy Massage and Nuru Massage

Soapy and Japanese Nuru massages have several overlapping benefits. Both treatments can improve cleanliness and leave you feeling calm. However, their methods are different. Soapy massage uses moisturizing lotions, body oils, or baby oil like coconut oil and olive oil. 

The massage gets done in a tub so that the massage oil can drip down your body. The massage might not be as relaxing as you’d expect since it’s hard to keep still during the massage.

Nuru massage uses water-based lubricants and oil. The oil application is similar to soapy massage, but the lubricants are much lighter. Unlike soapy massage, during a Nuru massage, you can lie face-down on a soft mat while your masseuse rubs oil on you and massages you.

Both methods are relaxing, but the main benefit of either is cleanliness. Since water cleans better than the oils soaps use, a soapy massage can reduce your chances because you’re at risk of catching a cold or the flu. 

Both soapy and Japanese Nuru massages can reduce stress levels and improve mood. This type of stress relief is called the relaxation response. Stress relief is essential because stress gets linked to several health problems, including insomnia, high blood pressure, and heart disease. 

What Is a Brazilian Nuru Massage?

 A Brazilian Nuru massage is an erotic massage involving oil that lubricates the skin using water-based lubricants. This lubrication gets done to the groin area, buttocks, and genitals through soft hand motions and over the genitals using oil-based condoms.

 A Brazilian Nuru massage involves having a masseuse rub body lotion, baby oil, olive oil, or coconut oil all over your buttocks, groin area, and genitals. This oil can be rubbed on the area using soft hand motions or a condom. 

Is a Nuru Massage Worth Your Time?

Yes, a Nuru massage has a lot of benefits which include:

1. Nuru Massage increases circulation and relaxes sore muscles

Nuru massage increases circulation by stimulating blood movement through veins in the penis and other body parts. The increased blood flow decreases pain caused by the workload of muscles in that specific area.

 Incorporating an erotic massage into your workout routine will increase the effectiveness of your workout because you will have less muscle pain and recover more quickly.

 2. Nuru Massage reduces stress

Nuru massage reduces stress due to the stimulation of the pleasure chemicals that get released during sexual arousal. These chemicals cause the release of hormones in the brain that make you feel more relaxed and less stressed. 

The pleasure chemicals released during an erotic are similar to those released during orgasm in women. After a Nuru massage, the man may feel more relaxed and invigorated. This feeling will help him achieve the mental state of “happy” that he will want to achieve afterward to help reduce stress for the rest of his day. 

3. Nuru Massage increases sexual pleasure

After Nuru massage, a man will increase sexual pleasure when he engages in sexual activities afterward due to releasing Oxytocin, testosterone, and Dopamine in the brain. 

The hormone oxytocin is released during the bonding process. Testosterone and Dopamine are hormones released during orgasm and ejaculation in men. 

Head massage
A man getting a head massage

4. Nuru Massage improves sleep patterns. 

.After Nuru massage, a man will sleep more deeply due to the enhanced level of Dopamine, Oxytocin, and serotonin in the brain. This will result in a better tomorrow because good sleep will improve the reaction time and brain function.

Key Takeaway

Nuru massage offers health benefits such as a decrease in stress and anxiety, an increase in sexual pleasure, improvement in sleep pattern, and ultimately enhances the quality of daily life for both men & women after Nuru massage.

Now that you know all about Nuru massages, why don’t you take a step and give your partner a breathtaking experience?

You can spice up the Nuru massage session by fingering or ending it with a happy ending massage.